Audi A4 VR Experience

2015 - Digitas LBi Amsterdam

To launch the new Audi A4 before it hit the dealerships we created an app for a virtual reality experience. To demonstrate the innovative engine’s roaring power we put people on a rollercoaster ride that had their heads spinning. We created a forest with thousands of fireflies to shed some light on the magic of the Matrix LED headlights. We dropped people smack in the middle of Dance Valley so they could experience the beat crushing perfection of the Bang and Olufsen 3D Sound System. And we traveled to the incredible heights of Austrian mountaintops to demonstrate where the Audi virtual cockpit can take you.

The result was not only magic, it was also a unique combination of 4K-video and a seamless transition between 2D and 360 storytelling.

Need :

How can you experience the new Audi A4 when it is not yet available?
Idea : 

An immersive VR experience available on online app-stores and Audi dealerships.
Awards : 

Gold Dutch VR Awards, Silver DIA, FWA Awards, Silver W3 Award, Gold W3 Awards, Audi Communication Special Award.